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PostSubject: Forum rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]   Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:46 pm

Rules of Gamingworld

By posting and registering on Gamingworld, you agree to abide by the rules listed below. Nobody likes rule-breakers, and if you would like to not be one of these, make sure you have read and understood the rules thoroughly.

Also, members, be sure to use this as a guideline for reporting. Meaning, when you select the reason in the report form that you select the right one based on the explanations of each rule below. It would help us out a lot if we knew exactly what was wrong with each reported post.

Warnings are issued strictly according to the list below, with more severe rules resulting in more severe consequences. Once you have a warning level of 50%, your posts will be moderated for a week, once you have a warning level of 100%, you will be banned for a week. Being banned multiple times will severely increase your chance of being permanently banned.

You can be warned or banned from one or more of the 13 reasons below:

Low Quality Posting - This is when your posts are not contributive at all and only meant to boost your post count.

Spam Posting - This is when you try to increase your post count by posting useless (and spam) messages on threads.

Cross Posting - This refers to posting the same thread in different sections in an attempt to gain more exposure.

Unrelated or Off Topic post - Nobody likes messy things, this is the same story with threads. An unorganised and messy thread is unnattractive. Try not to go off-topic when posting in threads, instead, if you see a thread starting to get off-topic, please report it. If there is something really important to discuss, create a new thread.

Leeched Post - This refers to stealing someone else's topic from another website without giving any credit. This can include a guide someone else has written but the poster has claimed it for themselves. This is highly frowned upon and results in quite a harsh warning. (Possible ban)

Wrong Forum - We need to keep organised, so for example, please don't post a sales thread in the lobby. If you did this by accident, please state it in the thread and one of our friendly moderators will move it to your desired location.

Gaming Forum Advertising - This results in a harsh warning for people who post a link to a forum that contains gaming. (Possible ban)

Explicit Images - Please take into account that anyone might view this forum, even 12 year olds! In result, posting explicit images such as pornography is strictly prohibited.

Flaming - If you get into a fight with another user, please don't curse at them and call them mean things. Try to be assertive and sort it out with the best of your ability. Your best weapon would be to ignore them if it gets out of hand.

Infected Download - Posting infected links which includes viruses or trojans are strictly against the rules of not only our forum, but nearly every other. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

Marketplace Violation - This includes selling illegal items on our forums.

Personal Data - How would you like it someone revealed your real name and address to the public? Everyone needs their privacy, and doing this will result in a harsh warning.
Warez - Warez is strictly prohibited by us and our host. This includes posting links to torrents, music, and basically anything that costs money that you make available for free. Cracked software, RATs, crypters, and all those things are strictly prohibited.

Rules on Giving Reputation

Do not beg for reputation. Reputation is given by personal choice, and you should not beg, or ask for reputation. If they like one of your posts, or see you as a high quality member in overall, then they will give you reputation.

Negative reputation. You may give negative reputation to a member if you see they are breaking the rules, or see them as a low quality member in general.

Reputation abuse. Abusing reputation will lead to a warning, then a ban. If you choose to create new accounts just to give your main account reputation, think again. We see everything!

Please do not let these rules scare you. They are meant for your own good and to keep the site running smoothly.
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